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Graviola - 60 Capsules - Ref: 3289


Graviola (Annona muricata) is a plant rich in therapeutic properties (present in their roots, bark, leaves, seeds and fruits), being the most important, their potent antioxidant and anticancer action. 

Given the enormous increase in the prevalence of cancer in the population, the therapeutic anticancer action become increasingly important. There are several studies showing the action of Annonaceae acetogenins (ACGs), the main active ingredient Anonna muricata.

These compounds exhibit specific toxicity to cancer cells, i.e., inhibit enzymatic processes that occur exclusively in the membranes of these cells, causing their destruction and maintaining the integrity of healthy cells.

Thus, there is only toxic to cancer cells, which is a great advantage compared to chemotherapy.

ln addition, it has been described in several studies that Graviola presents a power 10 000 times higher than that of the chemical compounds used in chemotherapy.


More recent studies have also suggested the existence of several types of ACGs with selective toxicity to different types of tumor cells (colon adenocarcinoma and prostate, for example). 

However, Graviola also has many other medicinal properties.

It is an antioxidant and strengthens the immune system, which potentiates its action against cancer.

Destroying bacteria, viruses and parasites. lt antidiarrhetic, antispasmodic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, sedative, hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), vasodilator, vermffuga (helps expel intestinal worms) and digestive. 

Features a beneficial effect against seizures, diabetes, asthma, catarrh, rheumatism, depression and liver problems.


Not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

This product is well tolerated by diabetics.



Ext Annona muricata (Graviola); anticaking agents (microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica); Gelatin; colorant (titanium dioxide).

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