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Aloe Vera - Juice 200 ml - Ref: 3128


Aloe Vera is a product with immense healing properties, especially in the presence of cancers, tumors, cysts, stomach and bowel problems. lt is extremely effective in strengthening the immune system and cell regeneration. Has in its composition Aloe vera (Aloe vera) and riboflavin 5'-phosphate (Vitamin B2).


Aloe (Aloe vera)

Aloe is a plant with larger number of existing medicinal properties, has been used for many years to come. This plant stimulates cellular metabolism, ie, contributes to the production of energy that the body needs to perform its functions properly. It is composed of substances that are essential to maintain the balance and health of the whole organism, which justifies its effectiveness in numerous pathologies. 


It has a vast amount of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, essential amino acids and many other substances that contribute to the proper functioning of the human organism. As demonstrated in many clinical studies, this plant holds important anticancer and antioxidant properties. Aloe substances has capacity to destroy free radicals, highly reactive and unstable molecules that have proved responsible for premature aging and numerous diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases and certain cancers.

Furthermore, it strengthens the immune system (increases the body's defenses) and is a powerful cell regenerator (promotes elimination of old cells and accelerates the growth of new ones).

This plant is particularly effective in combating skin cancer, stomach and colon. Another property of Aloe vera is well documented scientifically to be effective on the gastrointestinal system.Its consumption has proved beneficial for the digestive system.

Reduce stomach acidity (pH normalizes), favors the balance of gastrointestinal bacteria, aids digestion (is rich in digestive enzymes) and enhances nutrient absorption. Thus contributes to treat digestive disorders such as dyspepsia, gastritis, indigestion, stomach cramps, gastro esophageal reflux and all types of ulcers. 

This plant is a tonic tract and exerts a cholagogue (stimulates the release of bile into the small intestine, facilitating the digestion of fatty foods), especially when used in low doses. 

However, in larger doses administered has a laxative activity and even higher doses, has a purgative action. lt is then useful to regulate intestinal transit.


The content in substances such as anthraquinones (aloin in particular) and mucilages give it antiflatulentas and laxative properties. Also encourages the functioning of the liver (the main organ of detoxification of the body), and thus a relevant action depurative, purgative and purifying. Aloe is anti-inflammatory and analgesic, i.e., may be useful in inflammatory conditions and in the presence of pain. Then displays efficacy in headache, muscle and joint pain, cystitis and rheumatic diseases. 


This plant also presents numerous benefits for the is highly nutritious for their content in vitaminais and minerals, with a moisturizing, soothing (relieves itching) and healing. lt is also antiseptic with bactericidal and fungicidal activity and anti-inflammatory.

When there is a lesion on the skin, there is an increased blood flow to the affected area, facilitating the destruction of microorganisms and dead cells and encourage regeneration and healing of the skin.


This becomes particularly important in wounds and burns.The use of aloe may then be useful in many skin disorders, including acne and wrinkles (stimulates the formation of collagen), dermatitis, eczema, hives, psoriasis and alopecia.

It may also be indicated in anemia, insomnia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, gout, asthma, fatigue, and preventing and treating infections.


Riboflavin 5'-phosphate (Vitamin B2)

This vitamin is a vital component of human nutrition plays a major role in energy production and is essential in the metabolism of proteins (amino acids), lipids (fatty acids) and purine (uric acid). It is necessary for the production of blood cells, particularly red blood cells and antibodies. 

Vitamin B2 shows a slight antioxidant activity and has some advantageous properties in the prevention of atheroscle¬ rosis and in prophylaxis of migraines. 

It is also critical to the system and ocular nerve cells (useful in cases of depression and anxiety). Also participates in the processes of maintaining the integrity of cutaneous (skin and mucous membranes).


Not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

This product is well tolerated by diabetics.



Juice Aloe vera (Aloe), acidity regulator (lactic acid); Preservative (potassium sorbate), Sweetener (sucra- lose), riboflavin 5'-phosphate sodium (Vitamin B2); Aroma.

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